Monday, January 21, 2019

On This Day - January 21

ROBERT CLEATON HALL was born on January 21, 1894 in Burns, Dickson County, Tennessee.  He went by his middle name Cleaton.  His parents were William Pullen Hall (1868-1958) and Laura F. Austin (1868-1953).  Both were life long residents of Dickson County.  Cleaton was the thrid  of nine children in the family, four boys and five girls.  In 1910 Cleaton was 7 years old, attending school and living on the family farm. In 1920 he is 16 and while attending school he is a farm laborer on the home farm.

In 1915 he is mentioned in the local newspaper, The Dickson Herald "Cleaton Hall of Burns spent Thursday Jan 21 with Connie and Homer Tidwell. They enjoyed a delicous dinner, it being the birthday of all three."  He again makes the newspaper on June 25 of the same year " Cleaton Hall and Charley Stuart, who are employed by the Telephone Co.were with home folks here Sunday."  And six months later there is another mention, " Cleaton Hall of Louisiana is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Hall." 

In 1917 he registers for the draft:

He is described as medium height, stout, blue eyes and dark hair.  On the other side of the form he indicates he is a farmer. But here there is a notation that he "follows telephone and railroad work."  Just two months later there is the following article:

The official announcement followed:

They got their marriage license on August 1st and then on the 2nd at 6:00 drove to the Justice of the Peace and were married IN THE CAR.  Cleaton has a military headstone indicating he served in the Army during World War I, so he may have been about to go into the service when he got married.

The couple had moved to Nashville, Tennessee by 1920 where they are renting a house and Cleaton is working as a brakeman on the railroad. They have two boarders, age 14 and 15, who are working as laborers on the steam railroad. By 1930 they are renting at a different location but Cleaton is still a brakeman on to the railroad. In 1940 they have once again moved. This time they own a home valued at $5000.  Cleaton continues to work as a brakeman.  The 1950 Nashville Directory lists Cleaton and Maude with his occupation of conductor on NC&StLRy - Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway. In 1959 he is not listed in the Nashville directory. Cleaton dies in 1968 in Dickson County.

The Tennessean,  23 Jul 1968, Tue,  Page 25, Nashville, TN,

Robert Cleaton Hall is my husband's great uncle.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

On This Day - January 20

BERTRAND MARION HOUCHIN was born on January 20, 1874 In Logan County, Illinois to John Bourbon Houchin (1848-1937) and Margaret Ann Jones (1849-1915).  He was the third of eight children, however only five lived to be adults.  Bert was born in Lincoln, Illinois but in 1899 he was living in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was there in that year that he married Stella Stroble.  Bert was a store owner and ran the following ad in 1901 in the Indianapolis News:

By 1903 he has expanded to selling shoes and has moved the store from Virginia Ave to Washington Street and runs this ad in the Indiana News:

And later that year, he runs a large ad. It looks like his business is doing well.

In 1904 their son Herbert is born. by 1910 they have moved to Jefferson City, Missouri where his brother James A. Houchin lives.  James own the Star Manufacturing Company and Bert is working as a clerk for that company.  He also assists his brother in his campaign for Governor of Missouri in 1912. When he registers for the draft in 1918 he is living in St. Louis and is a self employed salesman. The 1920 census has the family of four renting a house and he is an agent for manufacturing. But in a Sept, 9, 1921 article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the Star Manufacturing has run into trouble and Bert is involved in a suit.

When the Star Manufacturing went to trustee, James started the Houchin Sales Company.  James was the president, and Bert's wife Stella was the vice president. In 1922 that company was also in bankruptcy.  Then in 1923 there is a marriage record for Bert and Ethel A. Mittleburg on June 9th. In 1925 Stella and her son are enumerated in the New York census. They are still there in 1930. Bert and Ethel are in Jefferson  City, Missouri in 1930 and he is a sales manager for manufacturing company. In 1940 he is living in Maplewood in St. Louis County with Ethel and is an insurance agent.  Bert died November 30, 1949:

His second wife is living in California at the time of his death and continues to live there until her death in 1979.  His first wife and son lived in St. Louis where she had died in 1957.  His son Herbert married in 1940 but he and his wife did not have any children.

Bertrand Houchin is my 3rd cousin 2x removed.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

On This Day - January 19

ARTHUR WOOD TOWLES was born on January 19, 1866.  He was the second of seven children born to Joseph S. Towles (1836-1893) and Sallie S. Wood (1842-1899).  Arthur's ancestors had migrated to Warren County, Tennessee from Virginia in 1818 and was he was third generation born there. In 1887 he married Emma Campbell. 

In 1887 they had their first child, Leta Belle, followed by Henry Clay in 1894 and Homer Wood in 1898. The 1900 census shows them owning their farm in Warren County, Tennessee. By 1910 they have moved to Ennis, Ellis County, Texas.  His brother Joseph is also in Texas. Arthur has given up farming and is a janitor in a public school and is renting a house.  Emma indicates that she has given birth to four children and only two are living. Their daughter Leta died in 1907 and fourth child must have been born and died between 1900 and 1910.  They have purchased a home by 1920 and Arthur continues as a janitor. In 1940 Arthur says that he is unable to work. Arthur died of a stroke on 19 Nov 1943 at the age of 77.  Emma died in 1954 in Dallas, where their son Henry was living.

Friday, January 18, 2019

On This Day - January 18

GESENA ROSANNA MEMERING was born on January 18, 1815, near Hanover, Germany.  Her parents were Kasper and Anna Lale (Breher) Memering. There were at least six children born to them and Gesena was the youngest.  Gesena's father had purchased land in Greene County, Indiana in 1841. That same year Gesena Rosanna marries William Henry Heitman.  William was also a native of Germany and had immigrated with his parents in 1830. By 1850 William and Gesena had three children.  William  died before May of 1852 when Rosanna married John Henry Funk. They had three children. In 1860 John and Rosanna have their three children and Rosanna's three from her first marriage living with them. In 1870 her oldest son, Henry Heitman, is married and son William Heitman is living with Rosanna's brother Ferdinand. The rest of the family has not been located in the 1870 census.  By 1880, Rosanna age 63 and John age 68 are living alone.  Rosanna dies 3 Mar 1893.

Bloomfield Democrat, 10 Mar 1893

On the same day this notice was printed, there was also the statement, "Mr Funk is very sick with not much hopes of recovery."  In fact he died on March 10th just a week after his wife.

Gesena Rosanna Memering Heitman Funk

Gesena Memering is my 3rd great grandmother.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

On This Day - January 17

CASSIUS MUSGROVE SARGENT was born on January 17, 1845 in Bethel, Clermont, Ohio.  He was the second child and second son of Temple Sargent (1806-1879) and Rebecca Colthar (1819-1890).  However this was Temple's second marriage, his first wife died in 1835 or 1839 after giving birth to two sons.  Temple had a total of ten children.  By 1850 Temple had moved his family from Ohio to Moultrie, Illinois. In 1871 Cassius married Catherine Virginia McJilton. They had seven children,  four daughters and three son between 1872 and 1890.  Cassius was a farmer.
   It is said that Cassius was name for Cassius Marcellus Clay who was born in Kentucky but freed his slaves and paid them a wage and worked for the abolition of slavery.  Abraham Lincoln appointed him minister to Russia during the Civil War. Our Cassius' father became acquainted with Clay and admired his so much he named his child after him
    Cassius Sargent died in 1901 when only 56. He had written his will the year before and described his land holding.  His wife outlived him by 36 years.
    The following article was in the Bloominton, Illinois newspaper on June 6, 1913 describing Cassius' orchard:

 Cassius Sargent is my 2nd cousin 4x removed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

On This Day - January 16

WILLIAM HARRISON WOOLSEY was born on January 16, 1832. He was the oldest child of Temple Woolsey (1811-1898) and Mariah Jane Johnson (1813-1859) and the only one of their eight children born in Edmondson County, Kentucky.  Shortly after his birth they moved to Pike County, Indiana where Temple acquired a 1000 acre farm. Three brothers and then four sisters followed. William married Sarah Frances Huffman in 1853.  By the 1860 census William in farming and has real estate that is valued at $1200 and his family includes three children. In 1870 his family has grown to seven children. They will have two more children but Sarah dies just five months after the birth of their last child. William remarries Matilda Wallace nine months later.  In 1880 there are six children in the household, three from his first wife and three from Matilda's first marriage.  By 1900 Matilda and William have had three sons of their own.  In 1901 William is appointed the postmaster for Augusta, Pike, Indiana. William died on 11 April 1909 in Pike County and is buried in the Barrett Cemetery there.

Winslow Dispatch, April 16, 1909, pg 1, Winslow, IN, from

William Harrison Woolsey is my 2nd cousin 3x removed.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

On This Day - January 15

SAULSBURY McLEAN HOUCHIN was born on January 15, 1948 in Illinois.  His parents were William Jackson Houchin (1820-1854) and Elizabeth Gray Strange (1826-1891).  His father was born in Indiana and his mother in Kentucky and they were married in Illinois.  He most likely was named after his Uncle Saulsbury who died in Nebraska in 1917. He also had a cousin Salsbury, son of Ervin.  This Salsbury,  also named a son Salsbury.

I reaally didn't know anything about Saulsbury other than his birthday when I started this post. Several trees show that he died in 1953.  But then I found this article:

Jefferson City, MO

 I did know that his brother was John  Bourban Houcin as they were enumerated in the 1850 census in Logan County, Illinois in 1850.  After the death of his father, I had no other informaiton on Saulsbury. So this obituary started a search to find more information on Saulsbury.  And now I'm  confused.  It will take a while to sort out the various Saulsbury's. I could not find him in the Riverview Cemetery in Jefferson City. But I did find him in the 1930 census in White Hall, Illinois. He is listed as the uncle to the head of the family, Wm. F. Houchin.  He was listed as Silas Houchin, age 84 and single. So I don't think he was ever married.  But I can't find him 1860 -1920. So there will be more searching to be done to sort it all out.

Saulsbury Houchin is my 2nd cousin 3x removed.